VUDU: Origins

VUDU: Origins

Have you ever wondered if our toys are just toys; lifeless items that are just play-things? Pieces of plastic or wood that keeps us preoccupied for hours and hours.


But why do we get so attached to them? Why do we have such a connection? 


Auras… spirit auras. That is why.


In a place far, far away beyond our imagination lies a realm where all the spirit auras are “born”. No one knows exactly where they come from or how they come to be. After the rain, new ones just pop up. Even after a lightning flash or thunder, they appear out of nowhere. When the sun rises and even when the moon sets,  auras are born.


Every aura is different. One can be timid and shy; another can be feisty. Some focus much on beauty… others care less. There are even ones that love to play pranks! There are the serious ones, geeky ones… even bullies. 


And there is White aura.


He is the smallest of them all… born at the end of the rainbow. But nope, no pot of gold there… BUT a heart of gold.


White is the aura of goodness… of positivity… of hope and of love. He tries so hard to bring peace and friendship in the realm… but unfortunately, he is the odd man out. Always out of place. He tries to fit in but somehow doesn’t belong. But despite that, he just puts on a smile and moves on.


In this place lies a portal where every so often opens and shows images of newly made toys. That is when the spirit auras flock to the area, find the toys they merge themselves to before these toys get attached to their human owner.


One day, the great bell rang signaling everyone to gather to the portal which was about to open. Everyone rushed to the great meadow hoping for first dibs on choice toys. Who wouldn’t want that? Imagine getting into a porcelain doll? Or a hand carved cowboy? Or a velvet teddy bear? That’s why everybody had to be first in line!


White, being the smallest, tried his best to head to the meadow despite the pushing and shoving of other auras.


“Ooops… sorry… pardon me… my fault…”, White said apologetically. 


“Get out of the way, little one!”


“Me first!!!”


White  would just politely oblige and answer… “Go ahead…”, with a big smile on his face.


Time came and the portal opened revealing an ocean of toys! Each one hopped into to portal choosing the toy their want to be forever attached to! 


“I’m choosing this Japanese doll!”


“I got this fuzzy bear!”


“I’m the rubber ducky!”


Voices were heard everywhere and one by one, they magically merged with their chosen toys.


From afar, a faint voice was heard saying… “Wait for me… me too…”. It was White… trying to rush to the portal to try his luck on a toy!


But the pushing and shoving continued… until he was pushed to the back.


Slowly the voices began to get faint until there were a few spirit auras left…


White patiently waited. He was the last in line.


When he got to the portal, alone… he saw the last toy available… a ragdoll.


He had no choice. He just wanted to find a toy and find a human and be his bestfriend… make him happy.


“That will do!”, he exclaimed with a happy face.


He jumped into the portal… then a flash of light filled the place… then he felt the tingling of his spirit while he became one with the doll…


Then pitch black.





A cackle… a laugh… that’s what he was hearing…


He could smell the scent of burning candles…


Slowly, White opened his eyes… 


The faint silhouette in front of him started to take shape. It started to get clear.


A hag. A witch. Laughing at what seems really tickling her funny bone. He looked around to see numerous dolls hanging all around the old hut. They looked scared. Unhappy. He chanced on a mirror and saw his reflection.


He was made of sack cloth with rough stitches in the edges. His left eye was made of a broken button and the right was a lose one hanging from a thread. A patch was on his head.


He looked at his arms that was made of the same material as his head and closely checked the oversized tattered tshirt he was wearing.


When he turned and looked up, the hag was already beside him with a pin in her hand.




He felt the pin on his head.


He was a voodoo doll!


He didn’t like his purpose.


He was good.


He didn’t want to be used for bad.


The witch slowly turned away and left the room. Still cackling and giggling. 


He looked around the place. It was an old, worn out hut that smelled of candle wax and old wood. A big pot was boiling in the fireplace. Some sort of concoction was brewing. 

His eye caught the sight of different dolls in different sizes hung around the room. While he was browsing the place, he heard a voice saying “You’re new here, huh…”


White looked over his shoulder and  saw another rag doll… made of the same sack material with buttons for her eyes and pink yarn for hair.


“Yes… where am I?”, he asked…


“This is Tia Laveau’s home. She makes spells and potions and uses us for her work! Hmmm… what’s your name?’


He looks around… and sees a shelf of books… “V…Voodoo… VuDu!”


“VuDu… Hmmm… interesting… I’m Mawu…” she said. And I think you should do something about your right eye. It’s about to fall out.


Mawu took the loose button from VuDu’s head leaving the old thread hanging. She looked around for something she could use to fix his “eye”.


VuDu continued browsing the place. He could not believe that he ended up in a place like that and more so in a body like that! But being the positive aura that he is, he accepted it and tried to find the good in what has happened.


“Hmmm… I may look this way… but at least, I have my own “body”… and I have a new friend… and…”


… they hear footsteps. The cackling started to get louder. The witch was coming back!


“Mawu! She’s back!”


Both dolls panicked and didn’t know what to do! They scampered across the table and headed towards the window.


“I have to get out of here!”, VuDu said.


“But where will you go?”, Mawu asked.


“I don’t know! Anywhere but here! Come with me!”


“Ahh… o-k…“


“AND WHERE DO YOU THINKING YOU’RE GOING??”, the witch screamed holding on to Mawu’s arm!"




“Go, VuDu!!! Run!”


VuDu jumped out the window.


The witch grasped her scrawny hands on (girl) as VuDu disappeared in the darkness. (Girl) held on to what was left of her friend… his button eye.





VuDu landed on the wet stone street. He picked himself up and looked around. It was dark. He was confused. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know where to go. Everything around him was so huge! Buildings and lamp posts towered over him. While he was composing his thoughts, a group of pigeons flew down and started pecking on him.


“Ouch! No… flying friend… don’t…”, he begged. But they kept pecking him. When talking to them didn’t work, he had no choice but to run.


He ran on the sidewalks… into a dark alley… crawled over piles of garbage… and tried to find a place to hide.


Sitting on a corner, trembling… scared… he didn’t know what to do.


From afar, a pair of red glowing eyes were coming close. He was hearing squeaks getting louder and louder. He slowly moved back and started to run. He didn’t look back. He had to look for a safe place! 



After running a couple meters, he came across a black box. Scared, he climbed the box, reached for the lid and closed it shut.




What next?